Chevy v6,1987 onward with some info on 4.3l vortec engines 4.3, 262, 229 v6 information parts identification that might help you not blow your hard earned cash.

I am no Guru but i have had to deal with Chevy v6 engines, parts & problems with these engines in Australia for years as i got tired of the bullshit that all the experts try telling guys & decided to build this page.

If you want to convert your roller cam engine back to a flat tappet cam you need to note these things.

use non roller camshaft 1986,1987 4.3 v6 cam

use non roller lifters 1986,1987 4.3 v6 or the same as 283,327,350,400 chevy

use early small block chevy style timing gear set, the roller cam has a different cam gear

use small block chevy v8 or the 1986,1987 push rods as the non roller cam push rods are longer as the lifter is shorter on the non roller engine.

Chevy v6 cylinder heads have different holes in the castings for the push rods. if you have the round hole type heads you will need guide plates & harded push rods. or you can buy the self aligning rockers that have the indent in the rocker to align the rocker. there are also roller rockers available with guides either side of the roller tip to guide the roller. yella terra Australian manufacturer of roller rockers make a rocker in 1.5 & 1.6 that are self aligning & are supplied with the metric posi locks for the later engines.

you will also need taller rocker covers. Aussiespeed offer a range of tall v6 chevy valve covers with shrouded breathers that will do the job

Many V6 Chevy owners always ask how do i tell what engine i have. The 90 degree Chevrolet V6 engine was built in 3 basic sizes. The 200 CI V-6 can be identified buy the front of the engine block, with the block standing on its tail on the right hand side down near the sump.

The 3.8 or 229 Chevy v6 can be identified by 1 cast lug on the front of the block.

The 4.3 or 262 V6 Chevy engine has 2 lugs cast in the front of the block. All 262 engines from the 1986 non roller camshaft right through to the engines produced in the late 1990s all have 2 cast lugs.


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