6 Banger Nats 2008

The 1st 2008 six banger nats were a great event that it will now become an annual event. Results & pictures are below. The event is open to all straight & V6 powered cars.

The pictures on this page were taken by Phil, who attends most drag racing meeting held at Warwick Dragway. If you would like to purchase a CD with over 200 pictures of the 2008 6 banger nats Please contact Phil via the email button below.

For around $20.00 including postage in Australia You can buy the full CD of pictures taken by Phil. The Images are in high resolution & top quality photos .
Other events that Phil covers at Warwick dragway include the Warwick VW Weekender (an annual volks wagon -only event run by Volkswagen Australia Magazine) and Dragfest, which is the biggest event of the year Held at the Queensland 1/8 mile drag strip.

Phil is also offering participants of 6 banger nats a service where they can ask for pictures of there street or drag car to be taken then have the photos of their car put on a CD.

Phil can also arrange for your photos to be mounted & framed. So if you are between Brisbane & the Gold Coast or at Warwick raceway & need photos taken contact Phil via email by clicking the red email button at the bottom of the page.

The results from the 2008 six banger nats are listed below

TOP ELIMINATOR. Overall winner . Angela Wiese . FB Holden sedan 202

STREET. Winner. Angela Weise Holden 202 FB Sedan. Runner up. Graeme Cameron. V6 Holden Triton Ute




Winner. Russel Bevis, Blown 202 Holden T bucket , Runner up. Rodney Black, Blown 265 Chrysler Altered

Super Sedan

Winner. Lyn Stewart, Holden 202 Gemini wagon, Runner up. Jamie Sayers, Ford 250 Crossflow Cortina


Winner. Robbie Brown Holden 202 FJ Sedan, Runner up. Tim Roberts, 186 Holden Ford Anglia