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Chrysler 6 Valiant Hemi six
The Hemi Performance 6 engine.We hope you find the information & links on this page help full.

The Chrysler 6 or Valiant HEMI six cylinder engine has a reputation as the one to beat when it comes to the performance of 6 cylinder engines in Australia. The performance that has been achieved from 6 cylinder performance engine builders in Australia is second to none.

The Chrysler Hemi 6 was introduced 1970 in the VG Valiant , The highest modified factory performance Hemi six produced 302 horsepower.

HEMI Chrysler 6 cylinder engines were produced in three engine sizes the small six was the 215, the medium was the 245 & the torque monster was the 265 Hemi Chrysler six.

When it comes to finding the numbers to identify you Valiant Hemi six the casting number is stamped on the block next to the distributor.

Hemi six engines have a “D” prefix at the begining of the prefix
The second figure is a number, this number will tell you the size of your hemi 6 engine.
number 1 is a 215 cubic inch Hemi Six
number 2 is a 245 cubic inch Hemi Six
number 3 is a 265 cubic inch Hemi Six
The third digit refers to the type of hemi 6 engine you have. as the hemi 6 was available with many performance options.

1= low compression
2= standard performance (1 BBL)
3=high performance(2 BBL)
4=premium performance (Pacer, 2 bbl R/T & 770, 218 hp)
5=six pack (E37 & E48, both 248 hp)
6=six pack (E38-280 hp & E49-302 hp)

The fourth number refers to the gearbox type
1= automatic
3= 3 speed manual
4= 4 speed manual

The fifth letter is the year of manufacture. A=1970 B=1971 C=1972 D=1973 the letters continued on until the hemi six ceased production by Chrysler in Australia .
Pictured below is the CHI Hemi Performance Aluminum Cylinder head. Cylinder Head Innovations Developed the head & manufactured it here in Australia,out of the box it produces 70 more horse power than a factory head & has the potential to make well over 400 HP. To find out more details of the head & its potential horse power gain.

Out of all the 4 barrel manifolds made by after market manufactures the most popular was the famous 4 barrel Hemi made by JOHN CAIN of NEWCASTLE in NSW.
The 2 & 4 barrel manifold has been made again with a few changes to aid in easier fitting by Adelaide Speed Equipment manufacturer AussieSpeed.
There manifold & other performance products are available through out Australia & New Zealand through selected dealers, Also pictured is there Aluminum Valve cover & sideplate.

The longest runner after market HEMI 6 manifold manufactured in limited supply was the Hurricane that was designed & over seen by Sydneys leading supplier of std & performance Chrysler specialists PENTASTAR PARTS & RESTORATIONS.They would be at the top of the list for Hemi Performance Parts in Australia.The 4 barrel manifold was used on many modified Hemi 265 245 engines as fitted to the Chrysler Charger , Centura & Pacer muscle cars.The Hemi Hurricane Performance 4 barrel manifold is now made by AussieSpeed for PP&R. The manifold is under going a few changes & will be available soon

Pictured is a factory E34 Chrysler pacer 4 barrel manifold

To identify the factory 4 barrel manifold as used on the E34 pacer the casting # is cast into the inlet manifold runner.

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