TTT Performance engineering manufacture our own range of engine mounts, the cylindrical rubber bush is replaceable and made from a specifically designed tough rubber that absorbs vibration unlike other engine mounts manufactured from unforgiving hard Polyurethane .

Holden V6 VN to VY 6 cylinder high performance engine mount

Fabricated from laser cut 5.0mm steel plate and jig welded for increased strength and accuracy.
Long lasting cylindrical bush that is always under compression which ever direction load is being applied.
Two piece with 1/2″ through bolt for easy engine removal and installation.
Can be used as a pair or individually on (passenger side only) for reduced engine lifting yet still maintaining maximum vibration dampening. Part Number-EM3800-5

Holden V8 Commodore VT to VZ LS1  high performance engine mount

Suitable for circuit, speedway and drag racing etc, ideal for turbo cars with tight engine bay clearance and big diameter exhaust systems..
The large diameter bush absorbs engine vibration but increases resistance the more the engine moves reducing total movement to about 5mm.

Holden V8 Commodore VE to VF L98 LS engines  high performance engine mount standard height

Can be used individually on passenger side in conjunction with factory mount on drivers side to reduce engine lifting under acceleration and maintain a smooth factory feel, or in pairs to stiffen up front end and significantly reduce engine movement during high speed cornering, acceleration and deceleration.

Holden V8 Commodore VE to VF L98 LS engines  high performance engine mount reduced height


Reduced height mounts for Commodore VE & VF V8 LS engines.

Specially designed for supercharger applications where extra hood clearance is required.

Positions engine approximately 10.0mm lower on Commodores and up to 20.0mm lower on HSV vehicles.


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