Ford Crossflow 250 4.1
With nothing new developed for the 6 cylinder Ford engine petrol heads had to rely on classified adds, Ebay & swap meets to Find used Cain manifolds , Redline manifolds & some home creations. There have been a few new models released that are making big improvements over the older manifolds. The Alloy head 4.1 crossflow that have been fitted from transit vans used by Australia Post,Taxis,The XE & XF family trucksters & then there are the hot up boys running them in some mighty Quick Ford Cortinas.


Pictures of the comparison of the AS0015 AussieSpeed 2 barrel Manifold & the redline torker 2 barrel manifold. The AussieSpeed has swooping longer runners . The Runners take the full with of the carby base & this has a big part in the performance gain that can be achieved when it comes to modifying you 250 ford crossflow engine.The redline has 1/2 the carby feeding into runners

The underside of the 2 manifolds show how the AussieSpeed Ford 250 Crossflow manifold has a wider plenum floor & the curved ports are total unique in there shape.The Redline Ford Cross flow manifold has a sunken plenum floor, short straight entry ports to the cylinder head & narrow runner feeding all 6 cylinders.

These pictures are here for comparison on 2 different design manifolds & will show you that 1 of these manifolds will be the right manifold when it comes to modifying you Performance Ford Crossflow engine. There are many flow test & dyno figures posted on Ford 6 cylinder forums & websites including the XFalcon website.

At Hot Sixes we try to keep adding new info, after being contacted by an engine builder in Western Australia about a combo he had been developing for the Ford 4.1 alloy head combo with parts that were available & affordable for most people we decided to add the story to our Ford six performance page. As more updates are sent to us we will add to the story.

The Ford 250 Crossflow below features the AussieSpeed 4 barrel squarebore manifold & cast aluminum valve cover to clear the yella terra roller rockers,carby is a Demon 650 double pumper ICE ignition system,hand made tubular extractors,crowcam solid camshaft,Romac steel harmonic balancer,rollmaster true roller timing gearset & electric water pump.

The picture shows the tubular extractors these pipes were custom built by G.P engines

When it comes to telling what model cylinder head you have on your crossflow or when you read about mods to cross flow cylinder heads they normally mention a casting # that they use to modify. pictured below is the position where the casting number is located at the front of the head. It is located on the inlet side of the head between cylinders 1 & 2

Pictured below is a Ford 250 crossflow alloy head 4 barrel performance manifold made by John Cain

AussieSpeed Ford 4.1 4 barrel manifold for aluminum head xflow motor.

The latest manifold for the ford crossflow 250 engine From AussieSpeed.It has

many differences from the old cain intake manifold.

ASo015. Aussie Speed 2 barrel manifold to suit aluminum crossflow 250 Ford 6.Base is to suit 350 & 500 holley

2 Barrel Ford crossflow manifold with the name RAY HALL CAIRNS cast into it.manifold has short runners & small plenum & takes 2 barrel holley

Ford Ultraflow Limited Sprint 2 barrel manifold to suit alloy head ford crossflow engine. The Ultra Flow was used in Speedway & were manufactured in Queensland.

Pictured below is a Cain alloy head falcon crossflow 3x DCOE weber manifold. Many of the Cain manifolds are reproduced by Aussiespeed Performance products.

Chrome taiwan made valve covers or the factory EFI Ford alloy rocker cover that would get a trip to the metal polishers was about all that was made for these engines.

AussieSpeed tall alloy rocker covers will clear roller rockers on Ford 6 4.1 crossflow performance engines. The finned polished alloy rocker cover pictured below is 1 of the finishes the covers are available.

Ford Crossflow parts including cams,lifters,manifolds,rocker covers,gaskets,timing gear sets,std replacement & Ford 6 Performance parts are Available from AussieSpeed. With brands like ACL, JP Engineering, Crow Cams, Yella Terra, Romac, Aussiespeed,

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