Ford inline 6 & 250 2V Straight 6

Ford inline 6 cylinder engine has seen many changes in size over the years. From a cubic capacity of 144 through to 250 & the big brother in the USA is the 240 & 300 CI big six.  

Ford inline 6 Performance 250 2v engines were produced in early Australian Falcon sedans, many 250 2V engines have found there way to the United States to be fitted to Ford Mustangs & falcons

Old Edelbrock aluminum rocker cover with fins to suit the ford 144,170,200,221,250 six cylinder engine. These valve covers have not been made for many years & will fit both the Aussie 2V & log head motor.

Ford Six Performance is a great Site with all the info & pictures on all the ford sixes including 240 & 300 CI engines .Discover the trends in the United States & see the horse power that is being extracted from these performance inline engines.

The encyclopedia for most things & listed below is the page on the ford straight 6.
Ford 6 encyclopedia

Follow the link to a write up on a Ford pre crossflow or Vintage inline six build up as they like to call them in the United States.

Building Up A Vintage Ford Six-Cylinder Engine

Want to read about the history of the Aussie Ford Six ?

there is information on Ford 250 2V & Log head pre crossflow Ford 6.

If you need parts for your early Fishshop Falcon from XL/XM/XP/XR/XW/XY Ford try the guys at Fishshop Falcons, They are located at Torrensville in Adelaide South Australia.They are wreckers of all the early ford stuff with lots of stuff for the fish shop falcon .They are at 42 Danby St Torrensville Ph. 08 8352 1246

Ford 250-2V in a TC Cortina

This page shows info and pictures of an Australian 250-2V six cylinder Ford engine fitted to a 1974 Cortina TC . The 2V Ford 250 was available in the Ford XY & XA Falcon the motor was designed by Ford to compete with the Valiant 245 2 barrel and the Holden two barrel 253 V8.

The 250 2v Ford cylinder head is the same head as the integrated 250 cylinder head. The Performance model Ford 2V head has the same size valves and exhaust ports with the benefit of a removable inlet manifold & larger ports like the later 4.1 crossflow engine.. The 2V head gets its name from two venturi stromburg or 2 barrel ww strommie carburettor. The same carb type was used on the 302 2v Cleveland, Holden 4.2,253 v8 engines, the GTR Holden torana & may other engines that was fitted to an alloy inlet manifold. When it was released some of the magazine writers referred to the Ford 250 2V as “Falcon’s Fiery Six!”.

The 2V Ford 250 engine was never offered in the Ford TC, TD Cortina ,You can fit a 250 2V head to any pre xflow 250 Ford engine for big performance gains to your Ford 6 cylinder engine. After market Performance companies have produced 4 barrel, triple weber & Dellorto manifolds & triple SU performance manifolds.

Own a pre crossflow Ford 250 ? want more power & torque ? get your engine pumping with an all new aluminum cylinder head that will accept 2 barrel, 4 barrel or triple side draught carbs. Classic inlines have invested a huge amount of time & money to produce a brand new performance version of the 250 2V cast iron cylinder head in alloy. Now 6 cylinder racers have 3 great options with the CHI Hemi 6 cylinder alloy head, The Yella Terra Holden 6 Performance Cylinder head & the American made 250 2V head by classic inlines

The Ford inline big six 240 & 300 Cubic inch is a popular engine with Hot rodders in the USA, In Australia these engines were only available in F Trucks.

Check out Australias premier Muscle Car & Street Machine Magazine. Gasoline has some of Australias best chrome bumper early Falcon, Holden & Valiant street cars