Welcome to Hotsixes we hope that you find the information on the site helpful. The site covers pictures & information regarding straight six & V6 engines & performance parts both new & used and one of conversions and custom parts fabricated to suit 6 cylinder engines. Hot Sixes also has a forum that we hope you will join to help others & chat about cars,engines & parts relating to stock & hot sixes. Hot Sixes is also a Supporter of the annual 6 banger nats held at Queensland’s Warwick Raceway. Check out Pics of the Blown LJ Torana, Chrysler Centura, Custom look EJ Holden, rubber laying Cortina, Black early humpy  Holden, Slant 6 Powered Valiant & many more Altereds, Slingshot dragsters, Street Machines.We hope to include the Hotsixes website to include more 6 cylinder engine information for supercharged, multi carb, fuel injected & stroker 6 banger engines including, Ford, Hemi, Slant, Grey Motor, Chevy, Holden & any other 6 cylinder motor. We hope you like the new look & the info supplied by our sponsors & members.
Pictured below are people who have done great things related to 6 cylinder engines they are all no longer with us but are remembered by many
Peter Leondoiu in The Mean-59


Dave Adams in the Motor Shop Cortina

Some of the engines covered on our inline & v6 site include
Holden six cylinder engines from 138 grey motor through to 202 black & blue motor
Chev 235,250 & 292 straight six cylinder engines std replacement & identification of long blocks & parts as well as high performance parts & modifications Chevy 200, 229, 262 & 4.3L V6 engines with & with out balance shafts also known as Vortec v-6 engines. Ford integrated head early falcon, 250 2v Falcon motor, alloy & cast iron Aussie cross flow engines & performance parts to suit Chrysler Valiant Slant six Mopar engines, upgrades & performance parts for slant 6 225 engines Australian Hemi 215, 245, 265 straight sixes are also covered along with many Hemi Performance parts & upgrades. The Hot Sixes Forum covers Straight 6, bent 6, any 6 It doesn’t matter if its in a Torana, Charger, Falcon, Centura, Cortina, Commodore, Hotrod, Tractor, Boat, Forklift , Drag Car, Drift car, Sports Sedan, Ute, Street Rod, Dragster, Altered, Fishing boat, T Bucket, Mini Truck, Burn out car, Speedway car, Hill Climber, street stocks, dune buggys, pick up trucks & jet boats. Whether its Fuel injected, Holley Equipped, Blown, Stroked, Fitted with a Turbo or supercharger, You want to find a rocker cover, Manifold, Carby, Roller rockers, extractors, Inter cooler, Gearbox, High Stall converter, clutch, high performance cylinder head, performance ignition system, engine conversion information, engine adaptors, Cams lifters any thing high performance. If it runs on LPG, Methanol, Petrol, AVGAS. We Wanna hear from you.
We hope you find the info handy as we try to add more content on our site related to Holden 6 cylinder 149 161 173 179 186 202 Holden grey motor 132.5 & 138 side plate 6 Ford 170 200 250 & 2V pre cross flow Chevy 90 degree 200 229 262 V-6 Chevrolet straight 6 235 250 292 Ford crossflow 200 250 3.3 4.1 Ford Aussie straight 6 OHC 3.9 & 4.0 Valiant Australian Chrysler 215 245 265 Chrysler 170 225 slant six Holden V6 Commodore & lots lots more.

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