Tall Valve covers for 4.3 Chevy 1986 onwards including Vortec to 1999 engines


After looking and seeing what was being made for the V6 Chevrolet centre bolt rocker cover engines the poor quality pressed chrome and low profile diecast valve covers were all that was available, with the 4.3L Chevy 6 being used by hot rodders and modified car guys we could see there were people who wanted something a little different. We wanted a cover that fitted well using and of the shelf gasket, we also wanted an oil control breather system that was part of the cover not an after thought. The conical design breather funnel and internal drip lip that fits down inside the cylinder head gasket rail are just 2 of the standard features. The Aussiespeed sand cast Chevy V6 valve covers are also taller for easy fitment of roller rockers.

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