This link will take you to a story that HOTROD magazine did on a Performance v6 Chevrolet Engine that they Made 300HP without costing big bucks.Using of the shelf parts & a 60″ thou over bore the Bent Chevy six ended up at 270 Cubic inches. Naturally asperated the V-6 made 301 HP @ 5500 RPM & the highest torque reading came at 4700 RPM & was 312 lb-ft. These figures show that using a mild performance combo the V6 Chevy produced 50 HP per cylinder. Add a set of forged pistons & 100HP shot of nitrous oxide & there you have a fire breathing streetable 400 Horsepower V6. To read the full story click on the V6 Chevy engine on the dyno below

When it comes to fitting roller rockers to your Chevy 4.3 litre v6 engine there are many things to consider.What brand,what size studs, will the heads need to be removed to fit screw in studs, do i need guideplates, will they fit under my valve covers & so on. Well here is some thing that might help you decide. Yella terra make a bolt on adjustable 1.5 & 1.6 ratio self aligning {no guide plates or head removal or machining}.


When it comes to Valve covers for you Chevy v6 4.3 pick up or Astro van the Australians have that covered also. AussieSpeed tall centre bolt rocker covers have reinforced cast stud bosses,both inner & outer gasket retaining lips, funnel type cast in breather shrouds, pushin rubber grommets & use factory 87 to 92 factory or aftermarket valve cover gaskets. The roller rockers & tall alloy valve covers in both there pro street style or finned old school look valve covers will replace 1987 onwards tin type covers & plastic vortec v6 4.3 auto & marine covers.


pictured is the old style breather shroud that was good to stop oil mist but was a slow way of filling with engine oil.It also shows the fit of factory gasket to the AussieSpeed valve cover gaskets

Pictured is the range of AussieSpeed v6 chevy 4.3 alloy valve covers,the wrinkle black plain type valve covers can be used to replace valve covers for marine engines,The old style retro finned covers are also available in polished or wrinkle finish .both styles can also be purchased in a raw blasted type finish.

To View the AussieSpeed online store Click the link below


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