The 90 degree Chev v6 has 2 different style intake manifolds, The 200 & 229 V6 chevrolet was available in a 2 barrel which used the 12 bolt intake manifold where the bolts enter the cylinder head on an angle. The 262 Chev v6 used both the 12 bolt & 8 bolt Vortec style inlet manifold that has 4 bolts per cylinder head. The 4.3L or 262 as it is also know was available in 2V throttle body fuel injection,these were cast aluminum & used a wide base throttle body with 2 injectors. Marine applications were different as they were available in 2 barrel to suit a carburettor. 4 barrel single plain in both 8 & 12 bolt cast iron intake manifold. In 1987 Chevrolet made available a dual plane 4 barrel intake manifold that accepted a 4 barrel Rotchester carb.

chevy 4.3 v6 2 barrel intake manifold

Pictured is a Mercrusier,Volvo Penta style V6 4.3 Vortec 8 bolt 2 barrel intake manifold to suit 2V style rotchester marine carb.

Chevrolet v6 4.3 dual plaine manifold

Chevrolet factory 4 barrel intake manifold. these were used on pre vortec 1987 cylinder heads with 12 hold down bolts.

Chevrolet factory cast iron inlet manifold

12 bolt chevy v6 pre vortec single plane intake manifold suits 262 or 4.3 marine engines.These manifolds can be used on cars also.

Chevy vortec marine manifold

The marine single plane v6 chevrolet 4 barrel 8 bolt intake manifold.

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