Early Chev V-6 90 degree custom tunnel ram. This ram was used on turbo application & has welded fuel injection bungs located at the top of the runner. the port size is close to std iron heads as used on the 200 & 229 V6 heads with a valve angle of 23 degrees.

Custom made tubular headers for v6 chevy engines, these sprint car style pipes were the highest Quality race pipes i have ever seen. they had provisions to run oxygen sensors in all 6 pipes in 2 locations adjustable length collectors & when used with header plates can be used on round splayed valve heads,D port brodix pontiac heads & 18 or 23 deg raised runner heads.

The Chev V6 200, 229 & 262 engine was a popular repower option for early Holden FJ to HR s, Toyota hilux , Forerunner 4X4 ,Nissan & holden Rodeos that off the shelf tube extractors were made in Australia to make the conversions simpler. The pipes pictured below were to suit Old Holdens.

A site for the Chevy v6 owner is the S10 forum, all the latest trends custom tricks from chevy mini truck owner. Tips & information on Super charging, turbo charging, fuel injection, suspension, sound systems, body modifications & lots more

AstroSafari.com is an online community with a discussion forum based on the Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari vans. It has many related discussions, with forum topics & photos including maintenance, repairs, performance upgrades for you v-6 Chevy

The Chevy v6 90 degree Engine was used buy General Motors in a wide range of passenger cars & commercial vans,pick ups & trucks. The Listed below casting numbers for engine blocks , cylinder heads & crankshafts will help you identify your v6 Chevy 90 degree engine.

Chevy 4.3L V6 passenger car 1985.
Block 14071177 2 piece rear main seal flat tappet cam
Crankshaft 1174N externally balanced evenfire 2.25 rod journals
Heads 140792248
The crank shaft,camshaft & distributor from the 1985 262 V6 Chev can be used in a 229/3.8 90 deg chevy v6 as both engines except the 2 piece rear main seal. As the crankshaft is the the same stroke the v6 engines displacement remains the same. The difference would be the 3.8/229 v6 motor would become an even fire engine.
1986 262 4.3L Chevrolet v-6 engine.
block 14088553 1 piece rear main seal flat tappet camshaft block
4 different crankshafts were used in the 1st of the 2nd generation engine.
cranks. 10105865 , 14088640 , 14088840 , 10055480
1987 v6 Chevy engine. fuel injected,hyd roller camshaft,no fuel pump hole
Here are some more specs on the v6 4.3L chevy engines

The 4.3 V6 Engine is a 90 degree evenfire engine.

The firing order on a v6 Chevrolet is 1-6-5-4-3-2

The 4.3L engine converts to 262 cubic inches and to a 4293cc displacement .
Std 4.3/262 has a Bore size of 4.00 inch or a metric size of 101.6mm. The stroke on a 4.3 Chevy is 3.48 of an inch or 88.39mm in metric. The std con-rod length is 5.7 inches with a 2.25 inch pin size on the crank-shaft
Both Vortech & Pre Vortec 4.3L engines two valves per cylinder.
The 90 degree v6 engine has cast iron cylinder heads and engine blocks .
GM rated the v6 4.3L @160 HP/ 230 ft/lbs of torque.
The average Compression Ratio in most 4.3 liter engines is. 9.3-1.

TBI stands for Throttle Body Injection,These are very similar to an electronic carburettor. They have 2 injectors mounted side by side on the top of the unit.Both the Injectors fire at the same time.With the updated Vortec heads & revised fuel injection system both the horsepower & torque figures were increased to 165 horse-power and 235ft/lbs of torque.

When Chevrolet decided to add a turbocharged 4.3L in the Syclone pickup & Typhoon SUV the vortec headed V6 with multi point fuel injection & some serious boost both torque & HP were increased to 280 horse power & 360 ft.lbs of torque.

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