GM 4.3L Diesel V6 Engines

The 4.3 diesel was an oldsmobile engine that was also used in other GM cars, the diesel 4.3 v6 GM engine the problem with these engines is they were a bit unreliable. Over a million v6 diesels were sold between 1978 & 1985, the high failure rate of the v6 Diesel engines ruined the reputation of diesel v6 engines in the United States. the end result was a class action & consumers could claim 80% of the original cost of the engine in the event of a failure. The problem with GM’s v6 diesel engines was their design the engines used there own block, that was based on Oldsmobile’s 350 V8. The v6 diesel had a weakness in the head design and head bolts, that could not withstand the higher cylinder pressures and temperatures of a high compression diesel . The design combined with poor quality diesel that was available in the 1980’s led to lots of piston failure, cylinder head failure & cylinder liners & wall problems.Heavy duty reinforced engine blocks & cylinder heads designed for truck diesel engines designed by other divisions of GM and other engine producing companies did not suffer the same problems.

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