This is a 1972 Plymouth Scamp that has been a project that is now powered by a 225 slant 6 with a plate nitrous system, holley 4 barrel, Aussiespeed Hurricane 4 barrel intake manifold, tubular

headers and as the pictures show lots of other good bits. Dave from Canada built the car for his buddy Brad, info & photos supplied by Dave.


This build started off as a bit of a challenge Dave’s mate Brad owns the car and he got talking with another guy about the up and coming Drag Wars  a Canadian drag racing event, the other guy had a Ford Cougar running a warmed over 302. Brad piped up and said I bet my Scamp would stomp the Cougar problem was Brads Scamp was a bone stock 225 slant 6.

So shortly after that I got the call. Soooo Dave do you think the Slant could take down a 302 Cougar?  And thats basically how the project started.

The  diff was swapped to a 3.90 ratio with a suregrip. Super Stock springs were added. The silver down the side is actually vinyl wrap material. (I own a sign  shop as well)
The car was then used as a promo for the race event. Thats why the Drag Wars CA decals went on.


The day came for the grudge match and the car was running a 75 Shot of nitrous oxide. The car made a couple shake down passes and on the 2nd pass she popped a cylinder. The next race was the grudge match between the Cougar and the scamp . But due to it popping a cylinder it was a 5 cyl Slant. Brad came up to me and asked, so Dave what do you think? Can it win? Well that is up to you Brad. I can make it win for the first 1/2 but It might not make it the whole way.
“Brad” Thats not what I asked Dave. “Brad” Can it win?  “Brad” Look we have to do a full rebuild any ways right. Make it happen.

So I put in a 180 shot. Backed off a bunch more timing and rolled the Slant 5 to the line.

Then when the NOS hit the car came out of the hole like a scalded cat. 10 ft of tire smoke and gone. It blew past the Cougar and at about 3/4 track a big POP….Pop POP POP.. and she coasted across the line with a 14.2
The Cougar ran a 15.8.

Brad was jumping for joy and I started planning the home renovation Brad the Builder was going to do in exchange for the engine build.

The head received oversize valves and a ton of porting.
The intake manifold with its 4 round holes had to be cut and opened up to an open plenum as we discovered that the nitrous plate we were using was actually interfering on the cross and pooling fuel and causing a major rich #5 and 6.

Custom spark plug wires and an MSD6AL  with a Start retard box to make it simple.

3800 rpm stall converter in the trans.

The Power brakes had to be swapped to manual to fit the intake.

The car is so much fun to drive. It has a little 75 shot but seldom gets used. It stomps on 5.9L RT Dakotas and Hemi Rams all day long, the Scamp really turns heads at car shows when it is displayed.

The car now is just silver and green. and the small SICK6 on the windows. Its very understated and clean now.

How the Scamp looked at the start


on a snowy Canadian day this shows the left hand side of the car


The right hand side of the scamp it is similar to the Aussie 2 door hard top Valiants


The Stock 225 Slant 6 was fitted with power assisted disc brakes and power steering


After washing of the dirt the tools come out and the fun begins old manifold and cast iron exhaust removed and tube headers fitted


Aussiespeed Hurricane 4 barrel manifold and Holley carb fitted.Throttle cable and brackets fabricated


fitting the nitrous oxide kit using a plate type system that is fitted under the carb

nitrous oxide 6 cylinder

Ready to have some fun carb,headers,manifold and nitrous fitted


After some tyre frying fun it all ended time to pull the engine as a 5 cylinder slant doesnt run the best


With the engine bolted to the stand and the head removed a combo of old stressed parts, nitrous oxide and possibly to much timing it became a 5 cylinder.


Dave started his shopping with a list of parts to build his slant 6, ARP head stud kit, Comp Cams camshaft, Comp Cams valve springs, retainers and collets


Wiesco Pro Tru coated skirt forged pistons were used in the rebuild of the bottle fed slant 6


The K1 conrods, Wiesco pistons, Comp Cam, engine block machined, cylinder head modified and reconditioned it was engine building time


After hours of cleaning the engine was pieced together this picture shows the engine with the main stud kit and crankshaft fitted along with the camshaft and head stud kit fitted to the slant 6


With the engine installed back in the car its ready to do what it was built for


new engine, new paint, new wheels the car has been displayed at many car shows around Canada