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When converting from an automatic to a manual transmission or piecing you engine together there are a few thing that can stop the progress of it all going together, Inside the crankshaft of an engine fitted with an manual gearbox there is a bronze bush that guides the front gear box shaft into the crankshaft. On later engines and Japanese cars it can be a roller bearing. Before you can fit the automatic spiggot like the silver one fitted below you must check or remove the manual bush. The best way is to use an old input shaft or piece of round steel that fits inside the bush. Pack the inside of the bush with grease then start hitting the end of the shaft and let the grease force the bush out.

The 6 cylinder Holden requires a spiggot bush in the crankshaft to align the torque convertor in an automatic or the from of the input shaft on a manual 3 or 4 speed gear box.spiggot-bush-holden-six-autoThe Holden 6 cylinder manual bronze front gear box spiggot bush fits inside the crankshaft and supports the front gearbox shaft. This needs to be removed when fitting an Automatic transmission

holden 6 manual gearbox spiggot bush