Roll Cage Construction – ANGRY ANGLIA


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The following pics shows strength being added to the existing roll cage in our Ford Anglia Gasser Drag Car Project. The cage was reasonably well built however it was not tied into the body that well and it lacked proper triangulation so while it was relatively strong it was not rigid enough for chassis tuning.

drag-car-race-seat_s  new-race-seat-position-drag-car_s

The driver position had to be changed and the steering column and steering wheel position had to to be completely reworked

dragster-steering-alterations_s  anglia-steering-position-altered-dragster_s

There were little in the way of cross-members so one was placed along under the dash board and we extended the roll bars out into the engine bay so as to tie in all the front sub frame, gasser straight axle suspension and solid engine mounts

drag-car-roll-cage_s  roll-cage-extends-to-engine-bay_s

The Anglia engine bay firewall was already cut back, pretty rough but we are building a race car not a show pony so it will do the job but certainly not how I would do it. You can se how I tied in the front bars and gusseted them back to the bar under the dash board

roll-bar-bending_s  ford-105e-anglia-firewall-cut-back_s

A big rigidity gain is made when installing a centre x – member running over the roof bars and down the back supports

drag-car-roll-cage-x-member_s  drag-car-roll-bars_s

roll-cage-gussets_s  roll-bar-plates_s

These roll bar tie in pieces are available from Kustom Bitz. These are used to tie the existing body structural points to the roll cage so as to form one complete rigid structure. This should help make the car go straight and make it more responsive to chassis suspension adjustments.

roll-bar-hoop-ties_s  roll-cage-plates-for-round-bar_s


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