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Ford crossflow 4.1 ltr six cylinder powered Ford Anglia


Thought a few of you might like to follow the build on this old drag car being built by Kustom Bitz to help develop new parts and have a bit of fun at the same time.

You can also find up to date build pics and other info on Kustom Bitz on facebook

When first bought home

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Originally as far as I can tell it ran a 4 cylinder at some time, however it had been set up for a Valiant Hemi 245 / 265 six cylinder but was never completed to be able to run and was poorly converted so a rebuild was in order anyway.  Being a Ford it needs a Ford engine so the best power maker in the Ford six cylinder range is the humble 4.1 ltr crossflow engine with its free flowing heads and clevo valve train. For a start we are going to try a junk engine fitted with an AussieSpeed supercharger kit and go and thrash it, but it has to be safe, go straight, not fall apart, and be relatively cheap [if that’s possible].

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