Gasser Style Front Axle Install – ANGRY ANGLIA
Ford 105e Sedan Anglia Gasser Dragster


Gasser Axle kit installation in our Anglia Drag Car is turning out good. All these components are available from Kustom Bitz.

old-gassers-drag-car-project_s  paint-stripping-project-car_s

You can also find up to date build pics and other info on Kustom Bitz on facebook

This is the stance the Anglia will have once the Gasser axle kit is fully installed. The following photos show the installation of the kit that suits mono construction cars like this little Ford Anglia 105e body style

anglia-front-crossmember-fowls-big-ford-six_s  hq-steering-box-mounts_s

Clearly the big ford six will not fit that easy with the original Anglia cross member, now where can I locate the HQ steering box.

gasser-axle-front-spring-mount_s  mounting-gasser-axles_s

Above left is the front axle spring shackle assembly purchased from KustomBitz.

square-up-drag-car-chassis_s  gasser-front-axle-location_s

This race car has been well butchered over the years so it was imperative to find something original and square in the chassis which turned out to be the original rear sub frame member installed at the Ford Factory back when. So that was used as the datum point for all measurements

gasser-front-axle-srping-pads_s  gasser-front-axle-kit-ford-anglia-105e_s

Left and right spring shackle kits were lined up with a lump of 3/4 water pipe slid through the shackle hole

gasser-axle-kit-installed-front-mounts_s  gasser-axle-front-spring-shakle-pads-include-crossmember-cut-outs_s

A lot of work has gone into these plates to tie the front roll bar into the chassis sub frame, mount the HQ steering box in the right location and provide mounts for a strong front cross member to be installed that can transfer torsional loads between the two chassis rails.

gasser-dragster-engine-bay-anglia-105e_s  spring-shakles-gasser-front-clip_s

These pics show the bracket fully welded in ready for the next stage


More pics to come as the install progresses

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