Body Modifications and Repairs – ANGRY ANGLIA

Gasser Drag Car Project – Ford Anglia 105e


Well for a start the body already had a severe roof chop which is what attracted me to it in the first place. However a gasser style small car is what I am after so a couple of mock ups were in order first.

gasser-ride-height-mock-up_s  gasser-stance-mock-up_s

Looking good now for the body tear down and get stuck into it.

Old Hemi 265 straight six had to come out and be set aside, the front sheet metal was cut so as to make it easier to the engine in and out. If you are setting up a race car the best thing you can do is make it a pleasure to change engines.


As we are going to run an AussieSpeed supercharged Ford Crossflow six cylinder engine the bonnet needed alterations.

old-skool-dragster-scoop_s   letterbox-fibre-glass-drag-car-bonnet-scoop_s

This old fibre glass letter box style bonnet scoop fits the bill, it is period perfect for this style dragster

race-car-bonnet-pins_s  alnglia-105e-bonnet-blown-supercharger_s

Bonnet pins and a gas strut to hold the bonnet open.

bonnet-latch-pins_s  gas-strut-ford-anglia_s

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