Setting Up the Ford Crossflow six cylinder – ANGRY ANGLIA

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First thing we had to do was make sure our plans to run the supercharged 250 cubic inch straight six Ford cross flow engine were going to work. So there was much mocking up of the engine and front axle to get an idea where we were heading.

engine-swap-ford-crossflow-six-cylinder_s  gasser-front-axle-mockup_s

Looks messy but to get an idea where things can go you have to mock it up before you draw it

ford-crossflow-anglia-extractors_s  ford-4-speed-gearbox-location_s

The Ford X-flow six looks like it is meant to be there, plenty of room for the 4 speed gear box

Picture below shows the AussieSpeed 2 barrel manifold bolted up

anglia-engine-conversion_s  aussiespeed-2-barrel-manifold-ford-crossflow_s

Second mock up once all the inner guards were removed for the roll bar structure to take shape yet provide clearance

AussieSpeed 4 barrel manifold is shown fitted up with a 4 barrel Holley in the left pic

ford-4ltr-crossflow-engine-aussispeed-4-barrel-holley_s  ford-anglia-105e-drag-car-restoration_s

Starting to look like a race car engine bay now,

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