The Alloy rocker cover pictured is from a Bathurst model E38 model charger.the pictures were sent to us from Pentastar Parts in Hoxton Park Sydney.With the pictures provided it will help you pick an after market rocker cover from the reproduction valve covers being made by After market manufacturers.There was a genuine charger aluminum Rocker cover sell on ebay au for $2001.00 in November 2007..




Pictured is both the long runner cain hemi chrysler six 4 barrel manifold & the redline short runner hemi 6 4 barrel manifold,there is a revised model of the Cain manifold in 2 & 4 barrel now made by AussieSpeed.The redline features shorter runners,a turtle shaped shell in the plenum,there are many different opinions on the effect of the shape in the plenum.

Chrysler web ring, there is a place on earth that has all you need to know about the Australian manufactured Chrysler range of sedans, coupes, utes, vans. From the legendary slant 6 as used in Australian cars, Hemi 215 six cylinder, Chrysler 245 Hemi 2 barrel, Valiant Hemi 265 in 2 barrel & 4 barrel Carburettor & not to forget the six pack triple Weber fed 265 Hemi straight six that powered the Bathurst Chargers. The Chrysler/Valiant Pacer is another of the Australian built muscle cars that is also in high demand.

Pictured is a used Cain Hemi 2 barrel manifold to suit 2 barrel 350 & 500 holley carburettor.It is unknown how many of these manifolds have ever been sold. A known problem with the cain hemi manifold was when they were cast a steel plug was used to hold the core up to get a reasonable amount of metal thickness on the bottom of the manifold.It is not unusual to see holes in the bottom around the steel plug.

The manifold pictured below is believed to be a Famous Cain Hemi 4 barrel manifold.The Cain Hemi would be one of the best know Hemi performance manifold in Australia. Some one must not like the Cain name on it so its been ground off. The manifolds needed grinding before fitting due to the runner width & height & to make enough clearance to get a spanner on the studs & nuts.This manifold has been drilled to accept a fitting to run a Holley 465 that did not come with a fitting in the base of the carby for accessories.

Hemi 265 triple dcoe weber manifold,Brand unknown this manifold can be a problem if not mounted correctly as there can be a linkage misalignment.

used set of triple weber side draft carbies, these are mounted on a single manifold.

Triple weber dcoe carbies were a factory supplied carburettor on the E49 R/T 6 pack charger. The six pak Chrysler Charger was & is one of the best known Valiant muscle cars built by Chrysler Australia.When it was released the Aussie built Bathurst Charger was the most powerful six cylinder production car built.

Set of SU side draft carbies to suit Hemi Chrysler 245 & 265 engines looking for a performance upgrade. The picture shows the carbies have chrome bowls & have received some custom detailing

Redline 4 barrel Hemi 6 Chrysler 4 barrel manifold with its big lump cast in to the floor of the manifold. The manifold has short runners & is a lot like the factory 2 barrel in size but accepts a 4 barrel manifold.

This picture shows the underside of the redline manifold with its indented floor.

The hemi 6 cylinder 215 was the smallest of the engines Chrysler Australia built & designed with an estimated 140 horsepower. The 245 Hemi was rated @ 165 horsepower & the might 265 Hemi with its rating of 203 horsepower, the Hemi performance 265 c.i engine upped its horsepower rating to 218 horsepower. The sporty Chrysler E37 3 speed manual Weber equipped Engine had a 238 horsepower rating, The E38 3 speed close ratio gearbox engine came with 280 horsepower with a boast in the revised compression ratio, the E49 4 speed close ratio 4 speed factory production race car came turn key from the show room floor with its high performance version 302 horsepower 265 CI engine,

Engine bay shot of a Hemi 265 with triple DCOE Webers & alloy rocker cover. Are the webers better than a 4 barrel ? Check out the Hotsixes 6 cylinder Performance forum or start a new Thread on what you know about six cylinder performance Chryslers.

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