Pictures below show the Chevy Blue flame straight six inlet & exhaust manifold compared to the later Chevy straight six engine. Note the blueflame manifold has round exhaust ports. The later L6 has rectangular ports.
chevy inline manifoldclassic chevy inline 6 intake manifold
blueflame chevy six manifold235,250,292 chevrolet inlet manifolds

Chevy Straight six engine specs bore and stroke sizes

194: 3.563×3.25
215: 3.750×3.25
230: 3.875×3.25
250: 3.875×3.53
292: 3.875×4.125

firing order
Chevrolet straight six engine were available in many body styles.

Chevy Nova
Chevrolet Camaro
Buick Apollo
Buick skylark
Pontiac Firebird
Tempest, LeMans
Buick Special/Grand Sport
Biscayne/Bel Air/Impala/Caprice
Chevy Blazer
Chevy pickup trucks
GMC trucks

Chevy straight six crankshaft strokes.

Straight six Chevrolet crankshafts from these engines will interchange. There are 3 basic crank types.

194/230 (3.25″ stroke)

250 (3.53″ stroke)

292 (4.125″ stroke)

The 292 cubic inch straight six engine has a different conrod journal diameter. When swapping cranks it is recommended both crank & rods be swapped as an assembly.

Some parts that will & wont interchange between Chevy engines
starter motors,

Most chevy sixes run a through bell housing starter motor

harmonic balancers,

Do not interchange with small block or v6 chevys as the pulley on the balancer is integrated with the balancer, bolt on pulleys are used to run air con,power steering & air pumps.
Push rods,

The pushrod length on the chevy six is a length of its own & will not interchange with small or big block Chevrolets
Conrods & rod bearings,

Due to rod length & big end sizes they do not interchange with v8 engines.
rocker arms & roller rockers,

Despite having a ratio very similar the rocker length is not the same
camshafts and timing gear sets,

The 292 chevy six does not interchange with the smaller cube engines.
Fuel pumps,

292 Chevrolet straight six engines had the fuel pump switched to the other side of the engine block, The lobe on the camshaft that operates the fuel pump lever is not in the same location as the smaller cubic inch engines.

from v6 Chevrolet, small or big blocks do not swap either
Information that can also be useful.
crankshaft tunnel alignment is very important when changing rotating assemblies .
Crankshaft weights on casting # 407/407N are 10 lbs lighter than crankshaft casting # 802 the conrod,piston,flywheel & harmonic balancer weights will also need to be matched if swapping cranks.
Cylinder heads can be shaved .060 to .080 without affecting the head face.
Head bolt bosses that run through the intake ports can provide more airflow if reduced and reshaped or removed & replaced with crush tubes
It is a known problem that the blocks can get cracks from the head bolt on the front drivers side to the water pump. This can be prevented by installing head studs when rebuilding,
Any straight six Chevy engine made before 1975 was not designed to run unleaded fuel. It is advised to fit hardened valve seats & higher grade exhaust valves to over come future problems
Fiber camshaft timing gears run a lot quieter than steel or aluminum cam sprockets. The down side is they can strip at any time & is more prone in older engines. It is advised if you are changing your camshaft or hotting up your chevy inliner that both cam & crank gears be replaced as they are designed to be run as a matched set.

This mad straight blown six cylinder powered flamed altered leaving the line…in a case like this “6 in a row is the only way to go”

Cylinder head torque settings on chevy inline 6 cylinder engines should be pulled down in 3 stages.

first stage 40 foot pounds

second stage 60 foot pounds

final stage 85 foot pounds on the 2 front cylinder head bolts & 95 foot pounds on all other head bolts except the front is recommended to install the water pump before doing up the head bolts

always start in the center & go from left to right & work out towards the ends.

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